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Roll Over Photo Boxes – Open Air Booths Are Here To Stay

Just utter the term, ‘photo booth’, and you will almost invariably draw a feel of pretty old things – a nostalgic feeling that leaves you half happy and half sad! Happy – for it brings you the memories of pretty, old things and all the fun you used to have, and sad, as the concept has lived out its life. You have now the new open air photo booth concept that is too loud a buzz in the air to ignore.

So let us peep into the world of open air photo booths and the facts that have suddenly made them the darling of today’s birthday parties, wedding and corporate celebrations.

What is the logic behind these booths? 

You will find these photo booths practically everywhere! Every noted company comes up with these booths at present. However, not all of them are the best! Only SOME are! But why and how? That’s the question.

Open Air Photo Booth Melbourne

Photo booths are all about the some candid, yet stylish silliness, and the ability to bring out that kiddish flair from out of even the sulkiest individuals. It’s all about redefining the flair of intimacy in the most creative way. That happens only when the makers of these open air photo booths get involved with this very idea of creativity. The more is that involvement, the better the product will be. Here’s where the better open air photo booth hire companies in Melbourne differ from the average ones.

This is where we at Think Photo Booths make the difference. This is why our products always leave a mark wherever they are used.

Professional quality of photos 

There is a notion that attributes the quality of photos to the quality of cameras. This is only partially correct. Lighting and the available dimension are the most important factors that influence the photo quality. From that perspective, the open air photo booths score.

These photo booths practically mimic the professional lighting and the settings thereof. They also have the ability of adjusting the intensity of the lights depending upon the environment and the angles used. As there is no limit of space available, there is no limitation of these adjustments as well. The result is a professional magazine-type, smoother and seamless style that takes the photos to a different level altogether.

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

And when it is all about the best booths, the images come up with some real spectacle that leaves people awe-struck. That IS our specialty and that is where we at Think Photo Booth Booths are different!

The More, the livelier 

Yes! That’s the thumb rule that works in modern events including the corporate parties and wedding events. Hence, being able to accommodate just a couple, or utmost three people, leaving them to jostle with each other in a cramped space to get a fair share of the frame is not a very noble idea. In fact, it does not work at all in the modern context.

Hence, an idea that supports unlimited number of people is always going to get a fair amount of support. That’s why, when people need to hire a party photo booth in Melbourne, they opt for the open air variety in general.

If you are looking to be one of them, just get in touch with us at Think Photo Booths and see how we make the difference. It will also give you an idea about why open air booths are a craze at present!